YSW's goal is to design, build and experiment the prototype of a new generation system integration information and communication systems for the implementation of security and utility services for boaters. The project has been developed as part of the of R&D initiatives of the Distretto Ligure delle tecnologie marine (DLTM -


Communication and Networking

Supply services for every type of user, irrespective of the type of ICT infrastructure or support devices user can be equipped with

Coast Guard

Continuously follow the movement of recreational crafts and produce a constantly updated situation of the units in navigation on computer screens in the Control Room.


The Coast Guard will be able to detect in real time anomalies of the crafts at sea and continuously monitor their position, and, when necessary, plan with greater effectiveness and efficiency Search and Rescue operations

Soggetti Commerciali

The possibility of providing boaters adopting YSW services, targeted information , in relation to the services available (as for example: port services, tourist information: events, hospitality, catering etc., boat and equipment support: maintenance, transfer, boat mooring, etc.)

Why Yachts Single Window


The system is built around the concept of virtual environment for easy deployment in "cloud". The Linux operating system is the basic component of the architecture with the DBMS chosen by the user.

The infrastructure uses a web services-based model so as to make it possible to expose the interfaces both within and outside of organizations.

Monitoring services

The monitoring services are part of the framework exposed to Coast Guard users. The application supports traditional display and interaction (screen / mouse) or multi-touch devices in multi-user collaborative environment.

Onboard Devices

YSW supports a range of consumer range devices:

• PC or Smartphones / tablet (Android) and 4G networks. This solution is recommended for small boats

• YSW access point: is a device capable of mediating the connection of commercial devices (PC, tablet, etc.) with all available networks (Wi-Fi, Cellular communication, satellites)


Università di Genova

Promote multi disciplinary research, technology development and technology transfer in the field of Information Processing Platforms.


Developing and offering services of ships classification, certification, verification of conformity, inspection and testing.


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Distretto Ligure delle Tecnologie Marine

Guardia Costiera

Istituto Idrografico della Marina Militare